Does Your Child Need a Pediatric Physical Therapist?

pediatric physical therapist

Does Your Child Need a Pediatric Physical Therapist?

Many private practices offer physical therapy services to treat countless conditions and common injuries. While many believe that these treatments are for athletes and adults alone, children can benefit from them as well.

The experts at Advance Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation are here to discuss the many roles of a pediatric physical therapist and how to determine whether your child might need one.

What Are the Roles of Pediatric Physical Therapists?

A pediatric physical therapist works to facilitate healthy motor development in children and improve their functional independence. At Advance Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, we actively work with families to improve the health and wellness of their young ones.

This process involves adaptive equipment and methods that address a child’s strength, flexibility, and energy efficiency with movement to optimize their daily activities. Making each session fun and inviting is also a crucial part of helping children with their condition. Our PT team uses creative, age-appropriate play sessions and activities to keep younger patients happy and motivated.

Does My Child Need Pediatric Physical Therapy?

There are different types of physical therapy for kids. Whether they are injured, in pain, or simply want better balance, there is a pediatric PT program that tackles each specific need.

If you are not sure whether your child would benefit from pediatric physical therapy, below are some common reasons that might warrant professional assistance.

Poor Balance and Coordination

It is normal for children to stumble, fall, or be a little clumsy at times, especially in the earliest stages of their development. However, excessive clumsiness can lead to injury. In such cases, physical therapists and movement experts can coach a child to hone the skills they need to be more stable.

For example, a pediatric PT specialist might work with your child to improve their balancing ability and lower the chances of a nasty fall. By treating the problem early, you can prevent bruised faces, scraped knees, and chipped teeth. Therapy is especially useful if your young one is already in school or they actively play with other children.

Lacking Motor Skills

If your child struggles to perform motor skills at the same level as their peers, it might be a sign that they need pediatric physical therapy. A trained and experienced PT specialist will help your young one perform perfectly for their age range in no time. Through regular coaching, kids and adolescents can reach their maximum potential and gain confidence.

Disorder Diagnosis

Some developmental disabilities like autism and physical disorders like cerebral palsy and cystic fibrosis may affect growth and motor skills. If a doctor diagnosed your child with a condition, they might recommend going to a pediatric physical therapist.

Depending on the degree of symptoms, physical therapists can treat children with disorders to improve their strength, posture, and motor control. By expanding the range of things they can do, regular PT treatments will help them live a more fruitful life despite challenging circumstances.

Chronic Pain

Many hospitals and outpatient clinics have pediatric therapists on staff to treat chronic pain among children. Whatever the cause, a proper PT regimen can help reduce or eliminate the symptoms through stretching, strengthening, and movement exercises. Because every instance of chronic pain is unique, a physical therapist has the skill set to evaluate each case and develop a proper treatment plan for the child.

All sources of chronic pain require specific treatments according to the patient’s age. Someone with a general physical therapy degree might take a more routine approach, which can worsen symptoms instead of reducing them. This is why physicians created a separate branch of physical therapy programs to assist kids.

Reach Out to the Experts at Advance Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

At Advance Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, our current practice provides the best tools and techniques from around the world. We take an individualized approach to pediatrics because we understand that every child has specific needs. By embracing those differences, our team can develop more effective programs.

If your child needs a pediatric physical therapist, we will work closely with you to select the best treatments for them. From infants in a neonatal intensive care unit to adolescents in their school years, we have decades of experience providing our services for all age ranges.

Our promise is a tailor-fit program that works toward your family’s goals. Contact our PT team at (732) 851-7607 to learn more. We also offer occupational therapy, speech therapy, senior physical therapy, sports rehabilitation, and other specialized treatments.

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