Low Back Pain and Discomfort – How a Physical Therapist Can Help

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Low Back Pain and Discomfort – How a Physical Therapist Can Help

Why Should You Seek Physical Therapy To Treat Lower Back Pain

With age, a lot of people tend to experience signs of back pain and related problem, often which are left untreated for an extended period. As a result of our daily exertion, our bodies tend to experience a certain amount of strain, leading to developing lower back pain. Several diseases and disorders can also contribute to a more prominent pain, thereby hindering the activities that one would usually perform.

Millions of people all over the world experience this problem every year, but few of these actually go and seek a course of treatment. Because of how common lower back pain can be, people often dismiss it as something completely natural. However, neglecting lower back pain for a prolonged period can lead to a number of health complications, and things which impact our overall functioning. In severe cases, this can limit a person’s ability to move and work.

With the development of medicine, there are several therapies and treatments that one can opt to go in for. These, of course, vary depending on the kind of disorder, the severity and the individual. Physical therapy, in particular, is something that has time and again been recommended to patients who are experiencing a certain amount of lower back discomfort or pain. There have been numerous studies conducted that showcase how physical therapy treatments impact the functioning of the body, and how it can help to ease the pain that one experiences. Physical therapy is a great alternative for those who don’t want to go in for surgery to treat the pain that they are experiencing. Even though this is a treatment that can take some time to showcase results, it is without a doubt something that can work well for the overall health of your body.

Working On The Lumbar Region

One of the main components of the back that tends to experience a significant amount of strain on a daily basis is the lumbar region. This is the lower spine, whose function is the support the stomach region. Even though the stomach has a certain amount of muscle to be able to support itself, a lot of the pressure is also shared with the lumbar region, thereby leading to low back pain. The pain that one experiences in this region are also dependent on the strength of the muscles therein. People who work out more and who have stronger muscles tend to experience less pain in that region because of the conditioning that their muscles have been given. However, people who have weaker muscles and don’t exercise as much tend to experience more pain in these regions. Because of this strengthening factor that comes into play, exercise plays a significant role in the pain management that one can take on.

Because of this impact of the muscles on this part of the body, the physical condition of a patient must always be improved when trying to reduce any pain that they might experience. There is a lot of evidence to support the claim that physical exercise is something that can help reduce pain experienced in these areas. This applies to pain as a result of bodily dysfunctions or surgery. This is where physical therapy comes in. This practice is dedicated to helping patients exercise the different parts of their body to provide them with pain relief and improved functioning.

There is no doubt that Physical Therapy can help patients as soon as they start to experience pain in their lower back, but even progressed pain can sometimes be reduced when the right kind of therapy is conducted on the patient.

What Can Physical Therapy Help With?

Before going in for any procedure, even if non-invasive, understanding the different aspects is necessary. When it comes to physical therapy, it is important to note exactly what this can help with, and the impact that it can have on one’s body. Here are some of the things that physical therapy treatments can help with:

1. Strengthening The Body

One of the first and biggest reasons why doctors tend to recommend physical therapy is because of the manner in which it enhances the body. When a person undergoes some amount of physical therapy, the muscles and bones in those areas get exercised, enabling them to function better. This also works to strengthen these parts of the body, thereby letting it support the other parts of the body in a much better manner. Overall, this tends to be brilliant for those who are experiencing pain as a result of muscle or bone weakening.

2. Creating A Physical Exercise Program

A lot of times, people need a little help with figuring out an exercise program that works right for them. No matter what age, getting the right amount of exercise is incredibly beneficial for the body, and opting for physical therapy is one of the ways to ensure that your muscles and bones receive the workout that they require. The programs that are offered to patients are generally designed based on their individual needs and the kind of exercise that they need. Because of how tailored these tend to be, getting the right care that you need is a lot easier.

3. Offers Additional Care And Treatments

Physical therapy isn’t only to help patients get the right amount of exercise that they need. Sometimes, low back pain can be a result of an injury or surgical intervention, in which cases, exercises would be too harsh on that part of the body. In these instances, physical therapy takes on the form of ice and heat treatments that can aid the overall healing process that these parts of the body go through. These treatments are a good way to relieve the pain that one is going through.

4. Providing Additional Support

Going through bodily changes is not always the thing that one looks forward to, especially when those changes bring a certain amount of pain with them. Experiencing lower back pain on a regular basis can have an emotional toll on the body, and having someone to talk to can be incredibly beneficial for the recovery of the patient. Patients who are in a better mental space are also more likely to focus on the physical exercise part of the therapy, which can help them reduce their lower back pain faster. Physical therapists are trained, not only to help your muscles get stronger but to help you get stronger as a whole.

Seeking Physical Therapy For Treatment Of Lower Back Pain

Even though physical therapy is mostly impactful while trying to relieve the pain that one is experiencing, the physical therapist working with the patient also makes a difference regarding the efficiency of the treatments offered. Because of this, opting to seek treatment from a well-reputed therapist is one of the best ways to ensure that you get the quality care that you need for your well being. The quality of treatments at different centers tend to vary, which is why going to a well-known clinic that specializes in physical therapy and rehabilitation is advised.

Advance Physical Therapy And Rehabilitation is one center that has repeatedly showcased incredible proficiency in terms of the services provided. The clinic is dedicated to offering some of the best physical therapy and care to patients who are exercising any kind of muscle and bone problems. The aim of this clinic is to help the patient improve their well being, and lead a healthier life.

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