• An ACL tear is a serious injury. If you don’t take care of this type of injury without delay, your mobility could be seriously impacted for the rest of your life. Learn more about ACL tears and the best ways to treat these types of...

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a disorder of the hand that is associated with pain, weakness, and numbness. This condition affects millions of people across the nation each year. While some people may assume that surgery or wearing wrist b

  • You are reading this probably because you or a loved one has a problem you know physical therapy (PT) might help with, or probably your doctor has recommended it. Once you wholeheartedly commit to PT and get an equally committed therapist t

  • Why Should You Seek Physical Therapy To Treat Lower Back Pain With age, a lot of people tend to experience signs of back pain and related problem, often which are left untreated for an extended period. As a result of our daily exertion, our

  • After you’ve undergone joint replacement surgery, it’s natural to seek plenty of opportunities for rest and relaxation as you recover. Once you’ve endured the initial recovery phase of this type of surgery, however, it will be time to start

  • Neck pain can make everyday activities too painful to accomplish without a grimace. This condition can be caused by a number of problems, but no matter what the underlying cause of your neck pain may be, physical therapy can help. In this g

  • Lower back pain can strike at any age no matter what your body type may be; it’s estimated that over three-quarters of adults will experience some degree of lower back pain during their lifetimes, and the symptoms of this condition ca

  • Hip injuries can detract from your enjoyment of life, and at their worst, they can make everything from getting out of bed in the morning to walking down the stairs excruciatingly painful. Instead of relying on dangerous drugs or invasive s

  • Sciatic Nerve Pain and Physical Therapy Sciatic nerve pain can be the result of numerous different issues involving the back. Some of the most common causes of sciatica include herniated or bulging disks, overgrowth of bone on the vertebrae